Bosch Rexroth CETOP 5 Valves

Bosch Rexroth Directional Spool Valves, direct operated, with solenoid actuation WE

The Bosch Rexroth Valve type WE is a direct operated, directional spool valve with solenoid actuation. It controls start, stop and direction of the flow. Bosch Rexroth Directional Spool Valves connect or isolate the connections by moving a control spool within a housing bore.

Bosch Rexroth CETOP 5 WE 10...E Directional Spool Valves - 5x series

Neilson Hydraulics supplies the following Bosch Rexroth CETOP 5 Valves:

Size 10:

  • Component Series 5X
  • Maximum operating pressure 350 bar
  • Maximum flow 150 I/min


  • 4/3-, 4/2- or 3/2-way version
  • High-power solenoid
  • Porting pattern according to ISO 4401
  • Wet-pin DC Solenoids with detachable coil
  • The coil can be changed without having to open the pressure-tight chamber
  • Central connection possible via doubling mating connector


Bosch Rexroth CETOP 5 Valves

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