Danfoss H1 Piston Pumps & Motors

Greater total efficiency

Today’s vehicles need more effective systems that maximize the use of available engine power. To improve overall efficiency, Danfoss H1 Pumps are designed to reduce rotating group, control and charge pump losses, which helps save fuel, frees power for other vehicle functions and enhances operating performance and productivity.

Furthermore, Danfoss H1 Bent Axis Motors have a six percent efficiency gain at maximum displacement (high torque working cycle), compared to comparable products on the market. Better efficiency means you can use smaller engines on some vehicles, reduce heat load and increase power to the ground.

Functionality and flexibility

Danfoss H1 Pumps are designed to improve vehicle operation. With proven 32 degree bent axis technology, zero degree capability and higher overall efficiency, Danfoss H1 Bent Axis Motors also offer significant advantages.The Danfoss H1 propel system provides improved horsepower management, and enables advanced anti-slip or wheel-assist control functions.

H1 Pump

Danfoss H1 systems can also be optimized to match the requirements of specific vehicle functions. By adjusting software parameter settings, you can offer a range of vehicle control concepts using the same hardware.

SIL 2 certified automotive control

Danfoss’s new H1 Automotive Control (H1 AC) is an innovative SIL 2 certified solution (Safety Integrity Level 2 according to IEC 61508), that helps reduce vehicle development and qualification expenses. Using intelligent software, the characteristics of the hydrostatic transmission can be adjusted to suit specific operating requirements. Combining state-of-the-art technology and 25 years of electronic automotive control development, Danfoss H1 AC not only helps increase vehicle performance and efficiency, but also provides improvements in productivity and comfort.

Danfoss H1 Pumps & Motors are part of Danfoss Power Solutions (formerly Sauer Danfoss).

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