Danfoss MP1 Axial Piston Pumps

The future is here – Danfoss MP1 Axial Piston Pumps

28/32cm³, 38/45cm³

Discover Danfoss MP1 Pumps, a new generation of Danfoss Pumps from Danfoss Power Solutions (formerly Sauer Danfoss).

The Danfoss MP1 Pump has built off years of experience to capture the reliability, modularity and controllability of products you know well. Additionally, the MP1 Pump has added features while maintaining a competitive package size. The result is a pump that is fit for the future.

All controls related to electric options are Danfoss PLUS+1® Compliant. Danfoss PLUS+1® allows you to rapidly develop and customize electronic machine control.


Designed for Quality and Reliability

  • Uniform design concept across frame sizes
  • Single piece housing to minimize leaks
  • Technologically advanced kit and servo system
  • Predictable, low friction swashplate bearing for precise machine control

Machine Integration Benefits

  • Industry leading pump length
  • Clean side for easier machine integration
  • Metric and Inch O-ring boss and Split flange (38/45 only) system port interfaces
  • Standard connection interfaces

Greater Total Efficiency

  • Increased pump efficiency
  • Lower control pressure for less power consumption

Control Options

  • Electro-hydraulic control options include
  • ‒ Electrical Displacement Control (EDC)
  • ‒ Forward-Neutral-Reverse (FNR)
  • Manual displacement control (MDC)
  • Common control across entire family

Expanded Functionality

  • PLUS+1® Compliant control and options
  • Easy integration with Telematics
  • Integrated Flushing valve available (28/32 only)


  • Common control, charge pump and auxiliary pad options
  • Easy and quick conversion to the right configuration

To enquire about Danfoss MP1 Axial Piston Pumps, please contact Neilson Hydraulics on 01709 821002 or email sales@neilson-hydraulics.co.uk. Neilson Hydraulics is an official sales partner for Danfoss Power Solutions (formerly Sauer Danfoss) and supplies a wide vane of Danfoss Hydraulic components.




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