DES-CASE Desiccant Breathers

Desiccant Breathers are a vital step in contamination control


Studies have shown 50 to 70 percent of lubricant contamination can come from outside the equipment. As most machines are designed to “breathe”, protecting the source of air-flow from moisture and particulate contamination is extremely valuable for front-end protection and reliability optimisation.


DES-CASE Desiccant Breathers incorporate a high capture-efficiency filter to help sustain desired cleanliness levels by removing even minute particulate matter. They also create low relative humidity levels in the headspace, making condensation and absorption by the lubricant unlikely. When a system is properly fitted with a breather containing drying and filtration media, the contaminant ingression is greatly reduced.


DES-CASE Standard Desiccant Breathers

Des-Case Standard Breathers provide simple, yet dependable protection from moisture and particulate contamination in lubricants and equipment across multiple industries and applications. These versatile breathers are five times more effective than the leading non-desiccant breathers, providing optimal defense against humidity for your applications.

Group image off the Des-Case Standard Desiccant Breathers

How it works?

The Desiccant Breather replaces the standard dust cap or OEM breather cap on equipment. As air is drawn into equipment through the breather, the layered filter elements remove particulate while the desiccant beads strip harmful moisture. While in service or during shut-down, the desiccant beads attract moisture from inside the equipment reservoir, actively drying the equipment.


Key benefits:

  • Removes moisture in the headspace of equipment
  • Eliminates rust-forming condensation
  • Prevents sludge deposits and water-contaminated oil
  • Prevents contamination ingress
  • Provides longer lubricant life
  • Reduces wear and tear on equipment, prolongs life



DES-CASE’s contamination control products are used in a wide range of applications including gearboxes, hydraulic and lube oil reservoirs and storage/process tanks.


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