DES-CASE Disposable Breathers

The first line of defence against contamination

Desiccant Breathers are a vital step in contamination control. Studies have shown 50 to 70 percent of lubricant contamination can come from the outside the equipment. As most machines are designed to “breathe”, protecting the source of air-flow from moisture and particulate contamination is extremely valuable for front-end protection and reliability optimisation.

DES-CASE Desiccant Breathers incorporate a high capture-efficiency filter to help sustain desired cleanliness levels by removing even minute particulate matter. They also create low relative humidity levels in the headspace, making condensation and absorption by the lubricant unlikely. When a system is properly fitted with a breather containing drying and filtration media, the contaminant ingression is greatly reduced.

DES-CASE’s contamination control products are used in a wide range of applications including gearboxes, hydraulic and lube oil reservoirs and storage/process tanks.

breather-1So how does it work?

DES-CASE Standard Disposable Desiccant Breathers attack the source of contamination to extend lubricant life and to increase equipment productivity.

As wet contaminated air is drawn through the unit, multiple 3-micron polyester filter elements remove solid particulate and the colour-indicating silica gel extracts moisture. When air is expelled from the container, the top foam pad prevents oil mist from contacting silica gel or entering the atmosphere.

DES-CASE’s Standard Disposable Desiccant Breathers offer the following cost-saving benefits:

  • Elimination of water-contaminated oil which leads to additive stripping
  • Elimination of rust-forming condensation
  • Elimination of sludge deposits
  • Less abrasive particles to prolong machine operating life
  • Longer oil and oil filter life

From the time oil enters your factory to the end of its life, protecting it with DES-CASE’s range of innovative breathers will extend the life of your machinery and decrease your downtime, leading to a huge cost saving.

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