Eaton Internormen Filters & Elements

Fluid power is a reliable and repeatable form of power and motion control. When problems are encountered, 80% of the time they are related to inadequate contamination control practices.

Contamination is any solid or liquid substance that is not part of a hydraulic system’s working fluid.

There are three principal means through which contamination can occur in a typical hydraulic system:

  1. It can be incorporated during system assembly
  2. Generated during system operation
  3. Ingested by the system during operation

Therefore, having a reliable way to manage contamination is vital to your operation:

  • It provides maximum efficient productivity
  • Reduces equipment downtime
  • Minimizes safety hazards and prevents contamination-related failure
  • Increases the life of system components, improves operating profitability and decreases maintenance costs

Eaton Internormen is a leader in manufacturing high quality hydraulic and lubrication systems, filter media, condition monitoring, and hydraulic and lubrication accessories. Eaton currently offers a selection of more than 4,000 different filter elements, including corresponding filter housings for mobile and stationary applications.

Neilson Hydraulics supplies Eaton Internormen In-Tank filters, including Eaton Internormen TEF Series In-Tank Return Line Filters.

Eaton Internormen TEF 120 Return Line Filter

Neilson Hydraulics supplies Eaton Internormen Pressure Filters, including Eaton Internormen MNL – ML Series Medium Pressure Filters and Eaton Internormen HP Series High Pressure Filters.


Eaton Internormen HP 241 Pressure Filters

Neilson Hydraulics supplies Eaton Internormen’s extensive range of Filter Elements, which are interchangeable. We are also able to cross reference Eaton Internormen Filter Elements with other manufacturers.

To enquire about Eaton Internormen’s range of Filters and Filter Elements, please contact Neilson Hydraulics on 01709 921 002 or visit:

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