Product Spotlight – Danfoss Orbital X Motors

Danfoss Orbital X Motors are the next generation of Danfoss OMP Motors and Danfoss OMR Motors. With its unseen modular platform, and form and fit with your existing applications, it redefines motor conversion, improves your performance and reduces your total cost of ownership.

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The Benefits of the Danfoss Orbital X Motors include:











Higher performance

  • Up to 15 % higher torque than current Danfoss OMP and Danfoss OMR Motors.
  • Stronger bearing capacity for higher radial load in applications.
  • Improved shaft seal prolongs motor lifetime.


High efficiency

  • Continuously high efficiency throughout long product lifetime.
  • Reduced risk for breakdown.


Flexible concept

  • Two new modular product platforms ensure high flexibility in many applications.
  • Aligned ports are compatible with your existing applications.
  • Offset and end ports are compatible with your existing applications.
  • The flexibility and compatibility provides easy conversion.


Higher quality

  • Improved shaft seal lifetime of approx. 50%.
  • Improved shaft seal protection with new O-ring.
  • Improved painting provides higher corrosion resistance.


Faster response time with new tools and service

  • Product configurator releases new material numbers immediately.
  • Lifetime estimation tool reduces development time.
  • The intelligent product selection tool results in spot on product selection.
  • Product conversion tool provides easy conversion from existing to new motor.

Neilson Hydraulics is a Danfoss Sales Partner.

To enquire about Danfoss Orbital X Motors and how we can assist you with your hydraulic requirements, please call 01709 8210002, email: or visit:


Neilson Hydraulics is an official sales partner for Danfoss Power Solutions (formerly Sauer Danfoss).

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