Danfoss PLUS+1® system

When asked to problem solve in the world of hydraulics it pays to only use the best hydraulic components.


Design Brief:
To replace manual control of nozzle pressure (bitumen) when the spray bar length (number of nozzles) is varied to compensate for varying road width.

The Solutions:

As the road width varies, spray bars are extended and retracted. This in turn requires the hydraulic motor driving the bitumen pump to vary the speed in order to maintain a constant pressure and hence flow at each of the spray nozzles.


Neilson designed and supplied a simple Danfoss PLUS+1® system, which maintained the liquid (bitumen) pressure within +/�

1 psi (at the nozzles) irrespective of the number of nozzles in operation.


The operator selects the required target nozzle pressure and the Danfoss PLUS+1® system is programmed to constantly compare target to actual pressure from the pressure sensor in the bitumen and adjusts the hydraulic motor speed accordingly.


An additional option would be to link the PLUS+1® system to the trucks Canbus system and vary the nozzle flow with the road speed.

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