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Danfoss Pve Series 7 Actuators

The Danfoss PVE S7 (series 7) is often referred to as ‘Tomorrow’s Actuator Today.’  As a long standing official Danfoss Sales Partner, Neilson Hydraulics are proud to have become one of the leading hydraulic authorities on the flagship Danfoss PVG 32 Proportional Valve range and are excited to introduce the new Danfoss PVE Series 7 Actuator. The Danfoss PVE S7 is engineered based on the existing, highly successful Danfoss PVE series.


The Danfoss PVE platform offers customers fast, accurate and intelligent operation with plug-and perform design and works in conjunction with Danfoss high performance proportional valves — Danfoss PVG 32, Danfoss PVG 100, Danfoss PVG 120 and the new Danfoss PVG 128 and Danfoss PVG 256, as well as Danfoss Steering Valves EHPS, EH, EHi and OSPE.

The Danfoss PVE Series 7 seamlessly replaces Danfoss PVE Series 4 Actuators, while providing customers with all the new benefits.

The Danfoss Analog PVE Series 7 Actuator program has a number of proven-in-use features that deliver the high reliability expected of a Danfoss Power Solutions product.


Key benefits of the new Danfoss Series 7 PVE Actuators include:

  • Increased robustness with new encapsulation standard and corrosion protection of metal parts.
  • Increased environmental capabilities with increased temperature range of -40 to +90 °C.
  • Enhanced event diagnostics with dual demodulator LVDT principle.
  • Increased power efficiency with the introduction of ‘Power Save’.
  • Improved EMC robustness with increased high frequency (HF) immunity field strength.
  • Easy to comply to on-road legislation with the introduction of the E-mark certificate.
  • Easier installation and service with new and more compact envelop design.


Control Options for Danfoss Series 7 PVE Actuators include:

  • Proportional actuators with multi- voltage 11-32 VDC supply voltage.
  • ON/OFF actuators with fixed 12 VDC or 24 VDC supply voltage.
  • Ratiometric input signal control.
  • Fixed 0-10 VDC input signal control (-U) PWM input signal control.


Here is a general overview of the Danfoss Series 7 PVE Actuators:

  • Performance variants PVEO, PVEM, PVEA, PVEH and PVES.
  • Proportional closed loop control with integrated spool position feedback.
  • ON/OFF open loop control.
  • Integrated microcontroller with embedded software algorithms.
  • Event monitoring with active or passive event reaction and recovery.
  • Integrated LED indicating status Power Save.
  • Spool direction indication (-DI).
  • Spool position feedback (-SP).
  • Dedicated float pin (UF).
  • Neutral Power-OFF (-NP).
  • DEUTSCH, AMP and DIN/Hirschmann connector types.


The new Danfoss PVE S7 models have a number of proven-in-use features that deliver the high reliability expected of a Danfoss Power Solutions product. The Danfoss PVE S7 models are also backwards compatible with the Danfoss PVE Series 4.


Danfoss PVE S7 Electrohydraulic Actuators in-use features include:

  • Extreme control: like reaching with your own hand.
  • Easy integration and installation.
  • Robustness from potting and encapsulation.
  • Microcontroller with embedded software algorithms.
  • Increased diagnostic coverage.
  • Robust in extreme conditions from -40 to +90º C.


Neilson Hydraulics are a Danfoss Sales Partner.

To enquire about Danfoss PVE Series 7 Actuators and how we can assist you with your hydraulic requirements, please call 01709 8210002, email: sales@neilson-hydraulics.co.uk or visit: