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How does a Hydraulic Power Unit (HPU) Work?

How does a Hydraulic Power Unit Work?  

By utilising fluid to transmit power from one location to another, hydraulic power packs can generate large amounts of power, which in turn can be used to drive hydraulic machinery.

Another way to think of a hydraulic power unit is that it is a portable power delivery system that holds energy for a hydraulic mechanism. A good analogy to think what a hydraulic power pack is, is to consider the role of an electric battery, which stores energy for a circuit to draw on when is required. HPU’s are used in a wide range of industrial applications and machines, especially where there is no direct access to a power source.

A Hydraulic Power Unit in basic terminology, is a self-contained unit that consists primarily of a prime mover (either an engine or electric motor) a hydraulic pump, a valve and a hydraulic tank reservoir.


How is hydraulic power unit required power calculated?

Hydraulic power is defined as flow multiplied by pressure. The hydraulic power supplied by a pump is: Power = (P x Q) ÷ 600 - where power is in kilowatts [kW], P is the pressure in bars, and Q is the flow in litres per minute. ** based upon 100% efficiency; 90% efficiency would equate to 75 ÷ 0.9 = 83.3kW.


Hydraulic Power Pack Manufacturer

At Neilson Hydraulics, we have vast technical experience built over decades of designing and manufacturing bespoke HPU’s from concept to completion, for all sizes and budgets, in order to help the customer with their aim and objective.


Examples of Hydraulic Power Units we have produced at Neilson Hydraulics:

Example 1:

55KW Fixed Displacement Hydraulic Power Unit

  • 55kW fixed displacement HPU
  • up to 130 lpm flow
  • 300 bar with cooler.


Example 2:

Twin 110KW Power Pack

  • A twin 110kW Power Pack with bespoke manifolds designed and built at Neilson Hydraulics. 


Example 3: 

44Kw Diesel Power Pack

  • A 44kW Diesel Power Pack, with Danfoss K-frame Pump
  • capable of 200 bar working pressure, and
  • 100 lpm working pressure.


At Neilson Hydraulics, we can help you with all your hydraulic requirements and needs. To enquire about our Hydraulic Power Packs, please call 01709 821002, email: sales@neilson-hydraulics.co.uk or visit: www.neilson-hydraulics.co.uk