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Understanding Hydraulic Accumulators: Their Types and Applications

One essential component of hydraulic systems is the accumulator, which stores hydraulic energy to provide instantaneous power when needed. In this article, we will delve into the world of hydraulic accumulators, exploring their types, functions, and applications, with a special focus on Bosch Rexroth accumulators, a leading name in the hydraulic industry.


What is a Hydraulic Accumulator? A hydraulic accumulator is a device that stores pressurized fluid under the action of an external force. It consists of a pressure vessel, a piston, and a fluid inlet and outlet. When hydraulic fluid is pumped into the accumulator, it compresses the gas inside, storing potential energy that can be released when required.


Types of Hydraulic Accumulators:

  1. Bladder Accumulators:
    • Bladder accumulators feature a flexible bladder that separates the hydraulic fluid from the gas.
    • As fluid enters the accumulator, the bladder compresses the gas, storing energy.
    • These accumulators are known for their high energy storage capacity and minimal maintenance requirements.


  1. Diaphragm Accumulators:
    • Diaphragm accumulators use a flexible diaphragm to separate the gas and fluid.
    • As fluid enters, it compresses the gas, storing energy.
    • These accumulators are valued for their compact design and suitability for low-pressure applications.


Applications of Hydraulic Accumulators:

  1. Energy Storage:
    • Hydraulic accumulators are used to store energy in hydraulic systems, allowing for the smooth operation of machinery and equipment.
    • They provide a source of instantaneous power, reducing the strain on hydraulic pumps and improving overall system efficiency.
  2. Shock Absorption:
    • In industries such as automotive and construction, hydraulic accumulators are employed to absorb shocks and vibrations.
    • They help protect equipment and machinery from damage caused by sudden movements or impacts.
  3. Emergency Power:
    • Hydraulic accumulators serve as emergency power sources in critical systems, such as aircraft landing gear and safety brakes.
    • In the event of a power failure, accumulators can provide the necessary hydraulic pressure to ensure the safe operation of these systems.


Bosch Rexroth Accumulators: Bosch Rexroth is a renowned manufacturer of hydraulic components, including accumulators which at Neilson Hydraulics we stock and supply. Their range of accumulators includes bladder and diaphragm types, designed to meet the diverse needs of various industries.

 1. Bladder Accumulators:

    • Bosch Rexroth bladder accumulators are engineered for high performance and reliability.
    • They feature durable bladder materials and precision-engineered components for long-term operation.

 2. Diaphragm Accumulators:

    • Bosch Rexroth diaphragm accumulators offer compact design and efficient energy storage solutions.
    • They are suitable for low-pressure applications where space is limited, providing reliable performance with minimal maintenance.

 Bosch Rexroth HAD Diaphragm Type Accumulator


Conclusion: Hydraulic accumulators play a vital role in hydraulic systems, offering energy storage, shock absorption, and emergency power capabilities. Understanding the different types of accumulators and their applications is essential for optimizing system performance and ensuring reliable operation. With leading manufacturers like Bosch Rexroth offering high-quality accumulators, industries can benefit from enhanced efficiency and productivity in their hydraulic applications.




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