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The PLUS+1 product range comprises of customised software, electronic
hardware to operate with new Sauer Danfoss new generation range of
proportional control valves. H1 closed loop pumps, bent axis motors,
joysticks, invertors and sensors.

The system feedback can be used for:

1. Positional
2. Pressure (torque control)
3. Flow (speed control)
4. Variation of pressure and flow (power control)
5. Graphical display - allows continuous monitoring, control and diagnostics.

The result is a high performance intelligent system for mobile or static machinery, providing quick, efficient and a cost effective development.

Neilson have programming capacity and the technical ability to write software to the individual customer's specification and to design, develop and manufacture the complete PLUS+1 control system for the customers' machine.

  • There is a range of micro controllers which provide a cost effective machine management CAN bus communication, optimising performance of the system network.

  • There is also a range of PLUS+1 compliant sensors, joysticks, invertors, etc.
Whatever your equipment, either mobile or static machinery, if you require a system that has a cost effective use o fpower and provides optimum performance, we would welcome an opportunity to speak to you.  


Batch Mixing Control

Objective Minimum cycle time
Cost effective machine control
Minimum power consumption
Minimum power wastage through the mixing cycle
Maximum efficiency
Operation Initial mixing senses the power required producing high torque, low speed. As the product becomes more viscous the speed is automatically increased and the pressure reduced following the kW curve.
Visual Continuous monitoring control and diagnostics
Highway Maintenance - Tar Spraying
Provide an automatic, constant nozzle pressure at each spray, regardless of the number of sprays in operation, meeting the road maintenance specification and provide cost effective use of materials.
To replace the manual operation of controlling the tar spray nozzle pressure when the number of sprays are extended or retracted in order to compensate for the width of the road repair.