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Kleentek Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners

Take your oil cleanliness to the next level with Kleentek’s Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners. Standard filtration will only remove the heavy 15-20% of oil contaminants, Electrostatic cleaners will remove the remaining 80% plus.

Kleentek’s unique electrostatic cleaning system operates by passing the oil through an electrostatic field, which incorporates positive and negative charged electrodes plus a dielectic collector, which removes all contaminants regardless of size i.e. metal fibres, sand, dust and oxidation products, providing unrivalled levels of fluid cleanliness and machine reliability.

Kleentek’s Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners are easily applied to the oil reservoir, circulating the oil through the cleaning chamber by its own pumping system. There are a range of different sizes to suit oil volumes and viscosities.


  • Hydraulic
  • Turbines
  • Circulating Oils
  • Gear Oils
  • Compressors
  • Transformers
  • Heat Transfer Oils
  • Any non-conducting fluid can be applied



  • Operates On-line
  • Cleans to sub-micron levels
  • Reduces Friction
  • Prevents deposits and cleans machine internals
  • Reduces leaks
  • Robust and Reliable



  • Removes oil contaminants to sub-micron levels
  • Removes oil oxidation products
  • Helps prolong oil life
  • Reduces component failure and maintains clearances
  • No need for machine shutdown
  • Reduces wear and saves energy
  • Cleans internal surfaces (removes 'varnish' deposits)
  • Reduces oil leaks
  • Saves oil and improves working environment
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Available to hire or buy


*Kleentek also removes deposits ‘varnish’ from system internals. If left inside the system these gradually reduce clearances and increase friction, leading to wear and erratic machine operation.

*Where mechanical filtration is limited by the mesh pore size, Kleentek employs a unique electrostatic system to collect all types and sizes of contaminants. This provides increased machine reliability and unrivalled levels of fluid cleanliness.

Inside each cleaning chamber is a consumable collector. Polar contaminants are attracted out of the oil by positive (+) and negative (-) electrodes and are then held in the collector.

We supply the following Kleentek ELC's that are available to hire or buy:

Kleentek ELC-R25TP

Kleentek ELC-R50TP

Kleentek ELC-R100TP

To enquire about Kleentek’s Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner (ELC), please contact us on T: 01709 821 002 or email: sales@neilson-hydraulics.co.uk.