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Danfoss H1 Bent Axis Variable Displacement Motors


Danfoss H1 Bent Axis Variable Displacement Motors – Size 060/080/110/160/210/250

Danfoss Series H1 Variable Displacement Motors are bent axis design, incorporating spherical pistons.

These motors are designed primarily to be combined with other products in closed circuit systems to transfer and control hydraulic power. Series H1 motors have a large maximum/minimum displacement ratio of 5:1 and high output speed capabilities.

The expanded function of zero degree capability, coupled with a high performance 32 degree maximum angle, creates opportunities to easily improve the machine performance for:

Wheel assist on the steering axle of high inertia machines (i.e. combines) and could include Anti Slip
Off-highway machines requiring Anti Slip Control (i.e. Ag. sprayer)
Multi-motor applications requiring optimized work and transport modes (i.e. wheel loader, Ag sprayer) utilizing the zero degree position for maximum transport speed
Improved machine (i.e. single drum roller) gradeability through precise Anti Slip Control

The Anti Slip Control reduces ground damage, increases traction control and improves machine controllability for the operator.

SAE, Cartridge (not available for 210 cm³ and 250 cm³) and DIN (not available for 250 cm3) flange with radial or axial high pressure port configurations are available including the loop flushing device.
A complete family of controls and regulators are available to fulfill the requirements of a wide range of applications.

Motors normally start at maximum displacement. This provides maximum starting torque for high acceleration.

All controls utilize internally supplied servo pressure. This may be overridden by a pressure compensator which functions when the motor is operating in motor and pump modes. A defeat option is available to disable the pressure compensator override when the motor is running in pump mode during deceleration/braking.

The pressure compensator option features a low pressure rise to ensure optimal power utilization throughout the entire displacement range of the motor.
Speed sensor options are available to cover all frame sizes and flange styles.

They are capable of sensing the following, all in one package:
Direction (only group "J", option "S")
Temperature (only group "J", option "S")
The electric controls are specifically designed for the Danfoss family of PLUS+1® microcontrollers for easy "Plug and Perform" installation.

The H1 range of products
A growing family based on the success of the Series 51 product family:
Initial release of 060 cm³, 080 cm³, 110 cm³, 160 cm³, 210 cm³ and 250 cm³ displacement size.

To enquire about Danfoss H1 Bent Axis Variable Displacement Motors and for further technical help / assistance, please call the team on 01709 821002.

You can also view the Danfoss H1 Bent Axis Variable Displacement Motors Technical Data Sheet at: https://assets.danfoss.com/documents/53590/BC152886483576en-001213.pdf

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