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Danfoss MP1 Axial Piston Motors

Danfoss MP1 Axial Piston Motors


Danfoss MP1 Axial Piston Motors (Size 20/24)

The Danfoss MP1 Motor is designed for use primarily in mobile equipment using existing and proven technology. These motors have been optimized with regard to options, life, package size and installed cost.

The Danfoss MP1 motor is a fixed displacement Axial Piston Motor and is intended for closed and open circuit medium power applications. These motors are designed primarily to be combined with other products in closed and open circuit systems to transfer and control hydraulic power.

The Danfoss MP1 Motors consists of two displacements in one package size. Three different configurations are available, an SAE A, B and cartridge style two-bolt configuration.


Wide Range of Options
Two displacements in a single package
SAE A, B, and cartridge style two-bolt mounting configuration
Tapered shaft with shaft seal dust protector for fan drive applications
Proven reliability and performance
Worldwide sales and service

Greater Total Efficiency
Increased motor efficiency

Expanded Functionality
PLUS+1® Compliant speed sensor option
Integrated loop flushing valve option
Anti-cavitation and shock valve option available

Machine Integration Benefits:
Industry leading motor length
Metric and Inch O-ring boss system port interfaces

To enquire about Danfoss MP1 Axial Piston Motors and for further technical help / assistance, please call the team on 01709 821002.

You can also view the Danfoss MP1 Axial Piston Motors Technical Data Sheet at: https://assets.danfoss.com/documents/DOC323120108146/DOC323120108146.pdf

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