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Danfoss PVG 100 Proportional Valves

Danfoss PVG 100 Proportional Valves


Danfoss PVG 100 Proportional Valves

Danfoss PVG 100 is a load independent proportional valve with flow up to 180 l/min [48 gpm] and pressures up to 350 bar [5076 psi]. It offers equitable flow sharing for precise control of multiple machine functions under varying load conditions and pressure requirements.

Building on the modular, flexible, and proven Danfoss load-sensing proportional valve concept, PVG 100 offers easy, fast configuration, thereby helping vehicle designers meet tight time-to-market deadlines. The new valve is positioned between the existing Danfoss PVG 32 and PVG 120 with flows up to 130 l/min [34.4 gal/min] and 240 l/min [63.4 gal/min] respectively.

Danfoss PVG 100 optimizes system design for engineers who must incorporate new emissions restrictions by providing a more efficient hydraulic system that maximizes power and conserves energy. Typical applications include backhoes, telehandlers, wheel loaders, forklifts, and forestry equipment.

Flow sharing for maximum controllability and safety. All sections will continue to function regardless of load differences and pump flow.
Load-independent flow control for smooth operation and improved productivity.
Load-sensing technology for higher efficiency, safety, reduced energy consumption, and longer system lifetime.
Configurable as advanced electrically controlled proportional valve as well as load-sensing directional control valve.
Modular design providing a wide range of configuration possibilities.
Up to eight different sections per valve group. Maximum flow per section: 180 l/min [48 gpm].
Can be configured in combination with our range of HIC hybrid modules and/or PVG 32 for maximum flexibility.
Mechanical, hydraulic, and electrical actuation options.

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