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Danfoss PVG 16 Proportional Valves

Danfoss PVG 16 Proportional Valves


Danfoss PVG 16 Proportional Valves

The Danfoss PVG 16 is a member of the Danfoss PVG family providing flow up to 60 l/min.

A common feature is the modular build concept. This enables engineers to combine stacks of flexible slice sections across the entire Danfoss PVG family, making it possible to build up a valve group that meets precise requirements.

Furthermore, the compact external dimensions of the valve remain unchanged, no matter what combination is specified.

The Danfoss PVG 16 is also designed as a load-sensing directional control valve, which helps improve application efficiency – reducing both cooling requirements and fuel expenses.

40 mm [1.575 in] PVB module width
PVB with BSP and UNF threads
Compensated basic modules
Uncompensated basic modules
P-channel check valve
Shock valves
PVM with or w/o adjustment screws
PVH, hydraulic actuation
Combination with PVG 32, 100 and 120

Available Spools:
Closed or open neutral position
Assymetrical flow options
Electrical/mechanical or hydraulic actuation
5, 10, 25, 40 or 60 l/min [1.32, 2.64, 6.60, 10.57 or 15.85 US gal/min]

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