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White Drive OMR X 160 Hydraulic Motor

White Drive OMR X 160 Hydraulic Motor

PRODUCT CODE: 11186658 / Upgrade of 151-0414 BRAND: Danfoss STOCK: IN STOCK
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Product Description:
25mm Cylindrical Shaft
Geometric displacement 159.6 cm³
Max. speed continuous. 375 min-1
Max. speed intermittent.¹ 470 rpm
Max. torque continuous. 300 Nm
Max. torque intermittent.¹ 390 Nm
Max. torque peak² 460 Nm
Max. output continuous. 10.0 kW
Max. output intermittent.¹ 12.5 kW
Max. pressure continuous. 130 bar
Max. pressure intermittent.¹ 175 bar
Max. pressure peak² 225 bar

Formerly Danfoss OMR X 160 Hydraulic Motor

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